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As a loan provider, Hinkle is part of the Hinkle Finance Group, which is responsible for issuing the best SMS loans to customers in Denmark as well as in Poland, Spain, Georgia, and Latvia. They offer safe and flexible credit, where you have the opportunity to borrow between DKK 500 and DKK 15,000. With an experienced team and advanced technology, you can therefore safely borrow money here.

They have focused on designing an easy application process for their customers, where you avoid unnecessary formalities. The first time you want to take out an easy instant loan direct lender you have to fill out a registration form, you only have to sign up for a free trial and apply through it.

How much money can I borrow?

It is possible to apply for a loan of up to NOK 15,000. However, the first loan a maximum of NOK 4,000.

What is the age requirement for applying for a loan?

Your age should, as a minimum, be 20 years.

Can I get a loan despite RKI?

No you can not borrow money here if you are registered in the RKI or Debtor Register.

When do I see the payout on my account?

You can get the payment on your account, 15 minutes after you have signed the loan agreement via Nem ID.

Maturity – When should the loan be repaid?

Your maximum loan term is 2 years.

How do I apply at Hinkle? – Step by step guide.

The first time you borrow, you will need to enter your account through three simple steps before the money.

Step 1: Select amount

To start with, go to the home page where you will find a loan form. Here you have to choose the amount that you want to borrow. The loan form will show you when the next payment date will be, your total credit amount and your monthly payment. You do not have to choose any maturity for the loan, as you can decide when you want to repay the loan yourself. However, this must be done within a maximum of 24 months. Remember that you can apply for a maximum of DKK 4,000 when it comes to your first credit.

Step 2: Fill in the registration form and log on with your NemID

Once you have chosen your desired loan amount, click on ‘Apply’, after which you will be taken to the registration form. This form of registration requires that you specify the CPR number, e-mail address and that you create a password for your profile for future use. You must also confirm that you are not registered as a bad payer in the RKI or the Debtor Register and have read and accepted their loan terms before continuing. Then you will be asked to log on with your NemID, which makes the process safe and easy. Through NemID they can access all the information they need in connection with the credit rating they make of you and your financial situation. NemID also ensures that no one else can take out a loan in your name.

Step 3: The application is assessed and you receive an answer immediately

Once you have logged in with Easy ID and sent your application off, your application will be assessed by them immediately. It also means that you can expect to receive answers directly on the screen right away. There will also be sent either an SMS or an e-mail with answers to you. Finally, you just have to approve and sign the loan agreement sent. Then you can expect to have the money in your account within a period of 15 minutes. and two banking days, depending on the time of application and which bank you are a customer of.

Number of credits you can record

Depending on whether you are a new customer or a recurring customer, this may vary slightly in relation to how much you can borrow. When you are a new customer and want to apply for your first credit, you can apply for a maximum of DKK 4,000. If you later wish to apply for another easy credit, you as a returning customer can apply for a loan of DKK 6,000. With an additional DKK 2,000, so you have the opportunity to apply for up to DKK 8,000. By your fourth credit and above, you have the opportunity to apply for as much as DKK 15,000. You can, therefore, gradually apply for more loans. and more money for each credit you record.

The following table shows a clear overview of how much you can borrow.

Number of credits Amounts that you can apply for a maximum amount to borrow
1. credit 4.000 kr.
2. credit 6.000 kr.
3. Credit 8.000 kr.
4. credit 15.000 kr.


However, please note that your credit limit will not increase until seven days have elapsed after your current credit has been repaid. Furthermore, it is worth knowing that an individual credit rating is made for each loan application. This means that even if you are a repeat customer and have previously been rated creditworthy, your credit limit may still change compared to the most recent credit rating.

Benefits associated with the loan

There may be many advantages in choosing to take out a quick loan in 2018. With Hinkle’s credit, you get a quick loan online and easy way to solve a temporary financial need, which can be beneficial in many different situations. At the same time, it is both quick, easy and safe to borrow money, since the application process takes place online. It therefore only takes a few minutes to evaluate your application, so you get the money paid out quickly and easily. In addition, they offer transparent and understandable loan terms so you can be sure that you will not be cheated. Also, don’t worry about any hidden fees when you take credit with Hinkle.

6 Benefits of the loan:

  1. First credit up to DKK 4,000
  2. Apply from 20 years.
  3. Max credit of up to DKK 15,000
  4. Refund whenever you want
  5. Fast answer
  6. Transfer within 15 minutes

The big advantage, however, must be that you can repay the loan whenever you want. When you apply for the loan, you do not have to specify a term for the loan. However, you must be aware that the borrowed credit is made available for a maximum of 24 months – that is, 2 years. You will receive a fixed payment date each month, during which you will have the opportunity to choose whether you want to repay your credit in full, in part or if you want to make an interest payment. This means that you will get a very flexible loan, which you can customize when you choose to borrow money from Hinkle.

They offer the opportunity to borrow money on your terms. You can choose when you want to repay the borrowed credit yourself. As a customer, you can borrow between DKK 500 and DKK 15,000, depending on whether you are a new customer or returning customer, and how many credits you have borrowed in advance. Borrowing money here is both easy, fast, secure and not least flexible, and it can be the right choice if you need a good solution for a temporary financial need.

Apply online and get quick answers

It is quite simple to apply for and borrow a loan, which is all done online. The advantage of applying for a quick loan online is that the entire application and loan process goes much faster than, for example, if you want to immediately take out a loan through a bank or other loan providers where you have to submit and await the receipt of documents with the mail.

When you want to apply for a loan, simply fill out their online loan application that you find on their website. Here you have the opportunity to choose an amount that suits you and your needs. At the same time, Hinkle’s loan calculator will give you an estimate of how much it approx. will cost you to borrow the loan. In this way you can quickly and easily find a loan amount that suits your particular situation.

Besides that the application process is easy and fast, you can also expect to get a quick answer to your application. As the application process takes place online, you can get answers to your application directly on the screen and via SMS or e-mail immediately. So don’t waste time waiting for answers.

Fast payment of SMS loans

When you have applied for a loan, the exact time for paying out the borrowed money will depend on several factors. When you exactly want to be able to see the money in your account, it depends on which bank you have and when you apply.

Are you applying on weekdays before noon 17.00 and is a customer of Rosalie Bank, you will be able to see the money in your account within 15 minutes after the loan agreement is signed and approved. Are you applying for after 17.00, in this case, you will only be able to see the money on the next coming business day? In case you are a customer in another bank and apply before midnight. 17.00 on a weekday, you can expect that the money will be on your account the following working day. In this case, you apply after. At 17:00 or during a weekend / on a public holiday, it will take two days before the money becomes available in your account.

Requirements for the borrower

In order to apply for a loan, it is important that you as a borrower fulfill a number of requirements. Firstly, you must be between 20-60 years old, have a Danish CPR number and a Danish account number. Secondly, you need to have a permanent place of residence and address in Denmark here, have a Danish phone number and an active email address. In addition, you must not be registered as a bad payer in the debtor registers RKI (Experian) and the Debtor Register if you want to record a credit.

In addition, all loan applicants are rated individually, where it is important that you are creditworthy in accordance with Hinkle’s own criteria for an individual credit rating. If you are not creditworthy, you cannot take out a loan with Hinkle.

This is how repayment takes place.

As they do not use maturity in the same way as many other loan companies, it may be difficult for some to figure out how repayment actually takes place.

Once your loan agreement has been signed and approved and your credit has thus been accepted, you will receive a fixed payment date each month. At each payment date, you have the option to choose whether you want to repay your credit either entirely, partially or simply to make an interest payment. They will make sure to send you a reminder either via SMS or email when the upcoming payment date is approaching.

When you choose to pay your credit in part, the amount you pay in part will be recorded as your interest payment and partly on the principal of your credit. In this way, your interest payment will be reduced when you pay off your credit, as you only have to pay interest on the outstanding principal. This can be a great benefit to you who would like to pay your credit back on an ongoing basis.

In the event that you do not receive the credit back, default interest and reminder fees will be imposed according to the terms of the loan. You should therefore always do your best to repay the money that you borrow.


Although, of course, they are always ready to lend you money, it is important to them that you think properly before applying for credit. You must see the credit as a temporary financial solution in cases where you need a little extra money for example in connection with an unforeseen expense, a delayed salary, etc. A piece of good advice is therefore that you basically only borrow the amount that you need and as you know from the start that you will certainly be able to repay in time.

It can quickly be tempting to borrow more money than you actually need and maybe even more money than you are able to repay on time. Therefore, do yourself a favor and carefully consider how much money you are actually and honestly missing and missing before submitting your application. It is therefore always a good idea to familiarize yourself with one’s performance overview, as it can make it easier to assess whether the desired loan can be repaid on time. It is important to keep in mind that irresponsible borrowing can easily lead to lack of ability to pay and delay payments. In the end, this can result in a lot of extra costs that you could easily have avoided. Also, be sure to read Hinkle’s loan terms carefully before applying.