First loan free of charge

Need money urgently, you can borrow it but don’t want to overpay? Don’t worry, fast credit companies offer new clients free of charge! First loan free – no interest! Fast credit is designed to deal with temporary financial problems. Start your fight now!

If your wallet and bank account are empty and you know you will soon have money available to cover your loan – borrow! You can borrow it if you need to repay an important monthly bill – don’t postpone important payments. Also, don’t postpone a bargain, if the bargain price is only a short-term promotion, take advantage of this by buying the item at a particularly low price!

The first loan is offered free of charge by several fast credit companies. Profitably Borrow! To qualify for a quick loan at any of the fast loan companies, you must:

  • At least 18 years old resident of Latvia.

However, most companies give credit to people aged 19 or 20;

  • “Undefined” credit history, or at least all past due payments. Take care of your credit history! Negative or bad credit history can reduce your chances of getting a coveted loan! Your credit history is one of the most important criteria that lenders take into account. If you have had loans in the past that you did not repay on time or did not make all payments on time – that does not indicate any good to you as a potential borrower. Be responsible!

First loan is offered not only for free

First loan is offered not only for free

The first loan is offered not only for free, but also without collateral! This means that you do not need to risk anything important to yourself that you might need to pledge if you need a loan. Live freer, no pledge, this will avoid unnecessary stress about letting your property go to the lender.

All you need to apply for a fast loan is a computer with internet connection, a bank account and a mobile phone! Here are a couple of things that will help you get the loan you need! You don’t need to leave your place, stay here, and apply for a home loan online! What needs to be done next? Here are a few steps that will set you off from a quick loan:

First, Choose ! You need to choose the fast credit company that best suits you! Look at several options and choose. Take into consideration your needs and the opportunities provided by the company. For example, if you are only 18 years old, fewer companies will want to lend, but there are also companies that will want to do the deal. Find yours! Also, whether you are officially employed or not is an important criterion for several companies. If you are out of work, look for a company that does not matter whether or not the borrower is employed

Second, sign up! Once you have made your choice, it remains to register on the lender’s website. Provide all necessary information upon registration. Only true information is important as it is necessary for the lender to be able to evaluate whether to grant or refuse a loan. Be open!

Third, apply for a loan! Apply for a loan and wait for the answer – positive or negative. Remember that the company may also refuse you a loan if you are not eligible for any of the claims. Refusing credit may mean that you are not eligible for the particular company. If you need cash urgently, contact another fast credit company. Find yours!

Get money in your bank account in less than 20 minutes ! Fast money that will be at your disposal in just a few minutes.

Get money in your bank account in less than 20 minutes ! Fast money that will be at your disposal in just a few minutes.

The loan is issued for 30 days. However, this repayment term can simply be extended – only an extension payment is made. Each company has a different amount of extension payment. If you know you’ll want to postpone your payment, find a company that offers you the option of extending your payment for a particularly good fee!

Let’s look at the most popular fast credit companies that offer new customers free borrowing:


  • First loan up to USD 200 for 30 days – free of charge;
  • Great loan repayment extension fee!
  • The loan is available to persons aged 19 to 70 without late payment in other companies;
  • You can apply for a loan at any time! Money transfer is made by MSE Credit every day from 7:00 till 24:00.

Close Credit:

  • First loan up to USD 200 for 30 days – free of charge;
  • Credit can be obtained by individuals aged 18 to 70 without overdue credit payments from other companies;
  • Apply for a credit at any time, credits are issued daily from 8am to 10pm;

VIA Mms:

  • First loan up to USD 150 for 30 days – free of charge;
  • The loan is open to people aged 20 to 65 ;
  • To get a loan, you may have an outstanding loan from another credit institution, but you must not have late payments!
  • VIAMms transfers money between 8am and 10pm on weekdays and 10am – 8pm on weekends.

Joho Credit:

  • First cash loan up to 150 lats – free!
  • Kedit is awarded to persons between the ages of 20 and 65 for “unbroken” credit history;
  • Money transfers are made from 8am to 10pm, on weekends from 8am to 9pm.

The first loan, free of charge, will be for situations where there is an urgent need for money, but you still have to wait until your salary. If you know that in the short term you will have enough money to pay off your loan – you can borrow from other loan companies! Review Credit Comparison – A credit comparison chart will help you make the right choice. The borrowing process is simple and only takes a couple of minutes! Money is just a few steps away. 

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