Why go through a real estate loan broker?

Mortgage rates are at their lowest and encourage the French to invest in real estate. Borrowers are more likely to use mortgage brokers, indeed, they can accompany you to obtain a mortgage in the best conditions.

Why hire a broker to buy your home?

Why hire a broker to buy your home?

Should we go through a real estate broker to buy his property? A real estate project involves many steps, sometimes very complex. By using a broker you make sure you get a loan rate lower than that of your bank and easier steps.

Some brokers may charge you a certain amount for their services, we are totally free for you, which will allow you to save time thanks to our services, but also money from our free.

What are the benefits of a mortgage broker?

What are the benefits of a mortgage broker?

Using a broker such as Service-Free for your real estate project has several advantages, what are they?

Benefit from our precious advices for your mortgage

Our mortgage brokers are experienced professionals in the real estate world. By soliciting us, we will make you benefit from our expertise which will enable you to succeed your real estate project .

Feel free to ask us for advice and to ask all your questions, our job is to explain the world of real estate and credit.

Support from planning to completion

The borrower who wants to offer the services of a real estate loan broker, can get support throughout his real estate project . Our professionals will support you in all stages, from planning to completion of your mortgage.

The accompaniment in your real estate project passes by:

  • Planning your project according to your needs
  • Putting you in touch with partner banks
  • Negotiating the best real estate rate based on your profile

As you can see, a mortgage broker can be important in all of these stages: planning, negotiation and coordination of your project at the administrative level.

A network of important partners

Service-Free has a large professional network of several partner banks. They will know how to offer you the best loan offer . We will put you in touch with valuable resources for your real estate project.

A quality service for your real estate project

If you think that mortgage brokers are just simple companies acting in their interests, you are mistaken. Indeed, Service-Free meets several requirements, including those of the Real Estate Brokerage Act.

Our profession is framed by several certifications including ORIAS, which allows us to practice our profession in the best possible conditions for your benefit.

Time saving

Entrusting your search for the best real estate rate in Service-Free not only allows you to get interesting offers, but also to give you the opportunity to earn significant time rather than doing it alone.

Our core business is to research and contact our partner banks to find the most interesting current property rates based on your profile and their different offers.

Meeting a number of lending organizations is not necessarily easy for an individual because of the lack of time and experience to respond to sometimes complicated conditions. In addition, individual research may limit possible offers because only a few institutions will be chosen by the borrower.

Service-Free the first free mortgage broker

Service-Free the first free mortgage broker

The current economic system is increasingly attracted by the “free”. This term does not mean that the quality of products or services is less good. On the contrary. There are a very large number of brokers but, not all are free mortgage brokers . Indeed Service-Free does not charge any brokerage fees. By passing through Service-Free, if the bank charges you a fee, we promise to pay you back. Our remuneration comes only from banks.

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